3D cake, is a form of a sculpture. Sometimes sculpture cake is very large or difficult to make represents the shape of real object in this case , it requires a strong construction, which is inedible. Cake with cream is covered with sugar paste or butter cream.

Artistic Cake this is classic shape cake and can be decorated with hand made edible flowers, figurines, patters or mosaics. The theme on the cake can be choosen by you.
                                                                                         You can choice your favourite flavour:
Sponge cakes:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • walnut
  • orange
  • lemon


  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • coconut
  • toffee
  • lemon


  • cherry
  • banana
  • peach
  • strawberry
  • raspberry
  • blueberry
  • pineapple
  • apricot

Gluten free cakes are available.

  •  3D Cake – from £85
  • Artistic Cake -from £65

All Cakes are priced individually depends on size, taste, and design.

If you are not sure whether you have chosen the right combination of flavours of cake and cream, Cambridge LadyCake can help you or you can use a list of flavors for Classic cakes.

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