Cupcakes appeared on our tables in XIX century. Initially they had no decorative cases, but very quickly diversified their recipes and flavours. Today colored cupcakes are very attractive to all parties.
Usually are sweet snack for guests, as well as beautiful decoration on the table.

          Cupcakes Flavours:

  • Vanilla cupcakes 
  • Lemon cupcakes
  • Orange cupcakes with orange, or chocolate buttercream.
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Oreo cupcakes
  • Nutella cupcakes.
  • Caramel cupcakes
  • Coffee cupcakes
  • Oreo cupcakes.
  • Biscoff cupcakes
  • Lemon and raspberry cupcakes.
  • Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes.
  •  Easter cupcakes ( vanilla, lemon or chocolate)
  • Christmas cupcakes ( vanilla, lemon, or chocolate)


Cupcakes are freshly baked and designed to order. They can be personalized with names, ages, occasions, themes, and colours. Some more complex designs are individually priced. Cupcakes are available in two sizes mini and standard. Get in touch with your requirements.

Individually boxed standard cupcake – from £ 3.60 per cupcake
12 pack box set – from £ 2.40 per cupcake

Minimum order – 12 cupcakes.


Decorative Cookies, chocolate, butter, cinnamon, all are different. They are often to say “Thank you” to your guests at any Party. They are very good gift with logo of your company for your Business and for all other Celebrations. You can order cookies in different colours and shapes, to make your special event with own character. All cookies are freshly baked for you and individually wrapped in a clear bag tied with a ribbon.

Price – from £ 3.40 per cookie.
minimum order – 10 cookies.

Gingerbread Cookie Sandwiches. Irresistible, handmade gingerbread cookies sandwiches available before Christmas to order. They are made using only natural honey, chocolate and Royal Icing. They have no artificial preservatives taste delicious and smell gorgeous of Christmas spices. Beautiful hand painted using edible paints and gilding. These cookies could be a perfect gift for your family friends or employees as a personal token of appreciation for their hard work. It would be definitely appreciated by them and well-remembered. All gingerbread cookies are freshly baked for you and individually wrapped in a clear bag tied with a red ribbon.
Perfect for Santa served with a glass of milk!  Can be personalized with a logo of your company or a chosen words put on the back of the cookie. They will be definitely the most beautiful Christmas gingerbread cookies sandwiches  you have ever seen or tasted. 

Price gingerbread cookie indywidually wrapped : £4.80
Minimum order – 10 cookies.

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